Syrufit / Poplica* – Love Hearts Album Review

Syrufit – or also known as Poplica*, is a composer I’ve only discovered most recently. I crossed over his work, Jailhouse69 when I was listening to Diverse System’s works.2, pretty awesome album too at that, and I was actually hoping that I could find more songs similar to it.

So it turns out that he already has a couple of albums under his circle name Syrufit “Studio Comfiture”, with quite a number of them being Touhou remixes. Now there was a time where I was seriously into Touhou music but as it progressed I got disillusioned with the amount of different but similar (oxymoron lol) interpretations from Comiket and Reitaisai. It would annoy me most to hear the regular tune of Youmu’s theme from PCB or Lunatic Princess of Imperishable Night. I just couldn’t shake off the feeling ‘oh it’s this again.’

Now Love Hearts turned out to be one of Poplica’s Touhou remix albums, but I didn’t actually discover it till the through half of the CD. It’s exactly my point as well – Poplica has them remixed so much that it’s hard to tell it even came out of ZUN’s drunk composing.

There’s many prominent female vocalists, featuring 3L, Aki Misawa, and Mei Ayakura, and with vocals there’s bound to be doujin lyrics. Every song features an unaltered voice track (an exception for the first and last), and those which don’t, have voice sequences. Very vocal heavy but they aren’t exactly frontliners, and thankfully the voices are tolerable unlike certain albums which they-just-don’t-go-with-the-song, ruining a perfectly good arrangement.

The main highlight of this album is Poplica’s and Linjin’s badass arranging skills, where every song regardless of genre just comes out fitting. Voices come out good, they don’t compete with the sound and everything is crisp and clear. A pat on the back for the arrangers.

The best song? Amidst all the heart pumping trance like tracks, Track 6’s ‘Everything’ just stands out, a simplistic song with 3L’s soft spoken voice, pianos reminiscent of a love ending theme and minimalist use of beats. ‘you’re the fire’ by Linjin is slightly more uptempo with a cheery feel. For those electro trance lovers, proceed straight to ‘true blue’, ‘BAD’, ‘Myosotis alpestris’ and ‘Rewire’. They’re great, but it needs time to get it stuck in your head. Oh and beware, BAD has Japlish in there.

Rating score for Love Hearts – 2.5 out of 5. (I’ve been on a slow roll recently, and if it wasn’t for those two slow songs this album will just get a measly 2. I’m not easy to impress.)

Review – Diverse System’s AD : Trance

Cover 1

As the name of the album implies, this CD from Comiket 81 is full of it. Not too recent though as I have many more other albums left for listening which is currently residing in the stack.

Being a fan of modern/futuristic depictions of abstract art, I absolutely love the jackets.TOHRU MiTSUHASHi is a frequent contributor to most of their album art, and I would say he’s absolutely versatile in depicting the tracks from a visual view.

Most of the tracks in this CD really jive here with synths and effects which really blend in and does not feel out of place – something which DS has managed to pull off most of the time with their releases. Nothing sticks out like a sore thumb, and doesn’t go ‘hey this shouldn’t be here’ sort of thing. I love the influence of electro in trance, but just as sugar and milk goes into your coffee you can’t have too much of it.

Cover 4

The first track opens with Destination, a fairly short track. A great opener but not something that would likely be stuck in your head for a while with its repetition.

‘The Surreal Sky’ sounds as if it was pulled out from the Wangan Midnight MT series. Race junkies would definitely dig this.

‘quark’ definitely wins my vote for the best track in the entire CD. RIGHT STUFF just has the magic touch. Other notable mentions include ‘Dependence’, ‘Hello and Again’, and ‘When the rain’.

If you’re looking for something funky that deviates slightly from the genre, ‘Kaleidovision’ and ‘Sugar Beauty’ would probably be your first picks.

Cover 3

Check out a crossfade of the CD above or at their official website here – you’ll see what I mean. An overall score of 3.5 out of 5.