GEARBOX – SORALIS (Crossfade Impressions)


A friend recommended previous titles from GEARBOX (members lawy, satella and Kenichi Chiba), so I figured that it had to be at least good from her perspective.

satella’s and Kenichi Chiba’s had always been a hit-or-miss situation, but it’s even worse for lawy. Never really liked his direction but maybe with SORALIS it’s set to change?




Lysia –  those with a fetish for traditional instruments will like this one. And rugal’s theme for CvS2. I quite like this.

Sailing to the Horizon – interesting start, but don’t think many would appreciate it

Armillaly Sphere feat. kalon. – never liked vocals in my trance, unless they came in distorted. but would still hear it anyway.

Fromage – cheese? awesome buildup, and it lands hard and tight.

Turbulence – piano kinda felt out of place. the landing just didn’t make it for me.

Girly Girly – yuzo koshiro SOR2 remix! still, will take this up.

Vanishment – static effects ahoy!

NEW! – the stuff that would make ravers happy and the entire club would burst with sunlight and confetti

Loose Leaves – this is awesome. great use of ambient music with drizzling rain. will be hyped for this


Tentatively, I’d give this a 2.5 out of 5.

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