Lifeformed – Fastfall (Dustforce Soundtrack) Review

Fastfall cover

Dustforce is an interesting game. You run, you slide, you slash, you leap and you cling, for the best times. I’ve seen a friend of mine totally engrossed in it, doing runs and trials of a level just to shave off milliseconds off their records. One mistake, and oops, you find yourself smashing your keyboard in anger for that little delay you made. As you can tell by now this is a game for the patient and ready – totally not what I’ll spend countless hours on.

Which comes to today’s review – Dustforce has a pretty solid soundtrack, beautifully interweaved with the game’s art direction, where everything is dim, washed out and serene – but unbelievably goes against its assumed pace. You’d expect ramming electric guitars, raging drums and distorted voices – but there is none to find in Fastfall. Instead, the music is slow, cool and collected, unlike the gameplay where speed is king.


The tracks are reminiscient of a cold, sombre jungle in the night after a heavy pour – and this is its charm. Utilizing grevious amounts of reverb, strings and manually pitched wind instruments with a touch of 8 bit effects, Terence Lee has definitely laid down his best for this 18 track CD.

All time favorites include ‘Cider Time’, ‘9-bit Expedition’, and ‘Fifty FPS Forest’, which extrues a happy cheerful stroll through the lint-filled woods – and then there’s the melancholy ones which I suppose they are found in the harder levels such as ‘Swimming While It Rains’, ‘The Magnetic Tree’, ‘Electric Relic’ and ‘Upside Down Staglamite’.


To those who demand variety from their composers, Fastfall might be a hard letdown. It toes the line with its ambient feel, and it does not digress. Some may find it repetitive and stale after a few, but if you listen closely each track has its own personality and identity – as long as you stay awake to listen to it.

rear end

Fastfall gets a 4 out of 5. Check out where the music came from here.

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